Tuesday, December 14, 2010

P67A-UD7 Most In-Depth Preview/Review, a must read!

Steven B. is going about his reviews/previews a little differently and almost dissecting the board in the quest to uncover and explain every significant part of board design. Check out this extremely detailed preview of P67A-UD7 board.

I love the attention to detail and a really interesting ghetto stock heatsink testing setup. He also writes a fair bit about analogue vs digital PWM as well as a whole host of other R&D inspired changes that the new board generation brings.

This is a very enjoyable read for hardware enthusiasts. Check it out, it won’t disappoint! Make sure you put aside a good 15 minutes as there is a lot of interesting info to read about! Read more about it over at i4mem > http://i4memory.com/f90/p67a-ud7-most-depth-preview-review-27173/.


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