Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From the Media: Gigabyte closes gap with Asustek in motherboard shipments

There is an interesting article on Digitimes that quotes industry watcher’s speculation about motherboard shipments from the top two mobo makers in the world: GIGABYTE and Asus. According to the article both brands achieved well over 3 million units shipped in the first two months of 2010 and are targeting 5 million units by the end of Q1, 2010.

The significance of this is that Gigabyte’s mobo shipments are seen to be growing and as a result, the author expects Asus to drop it’s prices and reshuffle staff in their mobo business unit. There is some speculation that this could result in a price war.

I wonder how this will affect the quality of motherboards produced by both brands and in particular regarding the onboard components used. Gigabyte of course uses the best quality chokes, capacitors, MOSFETs and 2 oz copper PCBs – more details are available here.

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