Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher for Z170 chipset

Hey guys,

I have for you the GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher (GTL) software to use on the Z170 chipset GIGABYTE motherboards to help you overclock in Windows. We’ve tested it on all versions of Windows OSes and it operates well. You can change various frequencies including base clock, CPU and Uncore ratios, various volts and voltage related parameters.

Happy OCing and be careful with this software, don’t go setting crazy voltage because you can kill hardware (for example, the settings in the screenshot were done using liquid nitrogen so we could use high voltage such as 1.45vcore on CPU and 1.84v on memory). On air cooling, these settings are not advisable. I would stick to 10% overvolt at most for regular OC rigs.

Download link:



  1. Hi Dino! Using this version with my Z170X-UD5 is not going so well. As soon as I launch it, my core voltage jumps up to 1.536V and stays there even though it is set at 1.45V in BIOS. Changing the VCore with GTL at this point does not work. I have verified the voltages with my DMM.

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