Thursday, October 29, 2015

8Pack Shatters New Records On A X99 Champion

We are always excited when overclockers break records, especially when it's on our hardware. Our friend 8Pack recently crushed a number of World Records and Global First Place with 3D Mark Fire Strike and 3D Mark Vantage on a GIGABYTE X99 Champion motherboard.

Let's take a look at at the records 8Pack crushed.

First up is his Fire Strike score of 44583, which is a World Record. Aside from his GIGABYTE motherboard, he hit this score using 4x NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti cards and a Intel Core i7-5960X CPU clocked at 5,860 MHz.

On FireStrike Extreme, 8Pack was able to attain equally impressive results. Check it out below:

Next up lets take a look at his Vantage score. This was done on the same hardware, and as you can see the result was nothing short of stellar.

Moving down to the 3x FireStrike Vantage category, you can see that 8Pack maintains his lead. For this entry his CPU is clocked slightly higher at 5,865 MHz.

Finally, in the 2x GPU category 8Pack was able to break two Global First Place records.

First on FireStrike he was able to hit 36498:

And on Vantage he was able to bring in another Global First Place score of P111069:

8Pack's phenomenal scores is just another example of why GIGABYTE motherboards lead the industry in overclocking.

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