Tuesday, January 6, 2015

GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion Debuts at CES 2015 with One More WR Under its Belt

Today, Jan. 5th 2015, GIGABYTE held it’s pre-CES Press Event in the Caesar’s Palace Neopolitan ballroom. One of the main focus of that event was the launch of a new overclocking board, the GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion.
X99-SOC-Champion-Rev10X99-SOC_Champion  image

One of the main feature of the X99 SOC Champion is the SMT mounted DIMMs for improved signal quality and their location which is closer to the CPU socket. The DIMM’s shorter trace path enables the DDR4 memory to communicate faster with the CPU, enabling the overclockers to reach higher DDR4 memory frequencies. Additionally, the motherboard includes a CPU Mode Switch; this switch allows the overclockers to switch between CPU default socket mode and OC socket mode.
The Press Event was crown by a live overclocking demonstration held by GIGABYTE famous overclockers Dinos22, Sofos1990 and HiCookie. The skilled trio managed to impress the crowd with a 1 World Record, 3 Global First and 3 Hardware First on the X99-SOC Champion! Nice going guys! Here are the submissions:


3004 Marks on XTU with Intel Core i7 5960X


2317 Marks on XTU with Intel Core i7 5820K


84470 Marks on 3D Mark Vintage with x1 GPU

Ian from Anandtech already had a look at the X99-SOC Champion. Although he couldn’t test the board on its true intent, LN2 overclocking, Ian gave the Champion a good thorough testing. You can read the results and his opinion here:

Here are a few pictures of the event:
2015-01-05 14.31.45 2015-01-05 17.37.16 2015-01-05 17.37.34 2015-01-05 17.36.53 2015-01-05 17.34.34

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