Thursday, November 28, 2013

Brix on BRIX – Colin talks to Newegg about the latest in our BRIX series

Our man Colin was in the US recently and took time to visit Newegg, specifically to chat about our new line of BRIX compact PC kits. In case you missed it, the GIGABYTE BRIX is an ultra compact kit that provides you with a small, and I mean literally ‘in the palm of your hand’ small, chassis containing a custom motherboard with a choice of 4th gen Intel Core CPUs. We provide a WiFi/Bluetooth Mini-PCIe module too so all you need to add is some SO-DIMM DRR3 modules, and mSATA SSD for your OS and bingo, you have a very small, very cool looking PC that actually has plenty of performance punch.

Watch the video to see the complete BRIX package, plus a few of the new models we’re adding to the series.



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