Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GIGABYTE Z87X-OC Motherboard Awarded Editor’s Choice by ‘The Overclocker’

When it comes to publications that truly cater for the needs and wants of the genuine overclocker, ‘the Overclocker’ magazine has to be one of the most respected around. Its chief editor Neo Sibeko, is of course a well known and respected member of the global OC community, and his publication is one of the only ones out there that writes exclusively for that audience.

Overclocker Award

So when Neo got around to putting our Z87X-OC board through its paces, we were very, very happy to see that he was thoroughly impressed by he found, even going as far as awarding the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award:

“Even as a backup board for any other Z87 mainboard you may own, this one more than justifies its price in every way imaginable. A truly excellent showing by GIGABYTE and one that deserves all its praises. GIGABYTE has yet to produce a more compelling board. This one is immaculate”

- [The Overclocker]

You can find the full online publication of the Overclocker here:

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