Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GIGABYTE to post 20% Growth in China this Year

Apple Daily is reporting that GIGABYTE will have achieve over 20% growth in China this year and another 10% growth next year despite an overall shrinkage of the total desktop market.

The global DIY motherboard market has an annual shipment volume of about 60-70 million units currently with China accounting for 27-30 million units. Although China's motherboard market will see a 7-10% on-year drop in 2013, Gigabyte expects its shipments to still grow over 20% and reach nine million units, a volume similar to those of Asustek.

What’s interesting is when I started at GIGABYTE over 7 years ago, our China market was about 30% of our total revenue. Now, including Taiwan, China accounts for over 50%.

View the story on Digitimes in English while you can HERE


  1. Does that mean we will see a decrease in the cost of your motherboards shortly? =)

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