Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GIGABYTE Question Time on Facebook: Question 1 - Form Factors

Our GIGABYTE Motherboard Facebook page has grown a lot since we first kicked it off several years ago, with almost 30,000 fans and followers at this point. That’s a lot of people for a relatively niche technology product like a DIY PC motherboard. In theory it means that we have access to a broad group of people who know about technology, DIY PC building, PC gaming and overclocking etc. That’s right…I’m talking about you!

question-markFrom our perspective, you guys represent a pretty interesting group of people to have access to. At times however we’ve kind of scratched our heads about how try to leverage you all as a group? What can we learn from you all? And how do we do it?

Yesterday, I installed a ‘Poll’ app on our Facebook page. It offers an easy way to ask questions and conduct relatively simple polls and questionnaires. Seems like a reasonably simple way to interact with our fans, ask you all a question and give you the chance to educate us about specific technologies, products and platforms. Today we’re kicking off with a very simple question:

Question 1 - Which form factor motherboard are you currently using?


Please take a moment to click the ‘Poll’ link’ and then select one of four answers – E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX. It should be quite interesting for us to see the results, which we plan to share with you all after one week.

Click here to tell us which motherboard form factor you are using. Cheers!!

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