Saturday, June 8, 2013

Z87 Windows XP downloads, OC Button drivers, GTL2.0 & Intel ME

Hi guys,

I've noticed a few comments online asking about drivers for Z87 platform for Windows XP so I've decided to upload the version that works properly.

We've also just received our copy of GTL2.0 (GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher software) just in before the weekend for most. It still has a little bit of functionality to be added but we figured the key ones would be useful for you to use in the meantime.

GTL2.0 download download link & New Version with timings.
Intel ME driver for Windows XP (Z87 chipset) 

Windows XP Z87 OC Buttons driver

Windows 7 & 8 Z87 OC Buttons driver

Happy clocking!


  1. Thanks Dinos! GTL2.0 is much better for tweaking volts on the fly than the new unstable, bloated Easy Tune.

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