Monday, June 17, 2013

Ninjalane visits GIGABYTE HQ OC Lab, photo heavy!

Computex this year was probably one of the busiest ones on the calendar as far as overclockers were concerned. There was a record number of well known overclockers going to Taiwan this year from all over the globe and inevitably many ended up visiting the manufacturers.


GIGABYTE was no exception here and opened up its doors to a large group of overclockers on the weekend following Computex. GIGABYTE is a pretty laid back sort of company, almost like your typical Aussie sitting under the shade on a hot 40C day I’d say. There was no rules, agenda, expectation or anything of sorts. It was just a day of socialising, having some fun, downing a few beers & redbulls and catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.

Dennis from Ninjalane was one of the guests and he took a fair amount of photos, I’ll put up a few but for the full report you should jump to Ninjalane website!

Few guys having a crack at 7GHz with a 4770K


Someone even pulled out the new AMD CPU, why not!


Gamer from Belgium realises he bought the world’s worst retail 4770K!


Apparently GIGABYTE offices look the same as everywhere else (plus the plants!)



11592Roman (der8auer) and Pieter (massman) capturing some gold by breaking

both wprime records on the new Haswell platform.

Fastest 4770K 1024M wprime link & fastest 4770K 32M wprime link


It was great seeing you all guys and hope to do this sort of thing again next year!

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