Friday, April 5, 2013

Looking for a good memory clocking bios on Z77X-UP5TH?

Hi guys,

For all of you die hard RAM overclockers out there I wanted to give you heads up about some RAM overclocking I’ve come across on OCAU forum in Australia done by a member “Bullants” using a GIGABYTE Z77X-UP5TH and F12e beta bios. He says he’s testing some G.Skill PSC IC based memory to get an idea on frequency first before trying full out liquid nitrogen cooled memory with 32M SuperPi.

1370MHz (2740) 7-12-7-30-1T 8M SuperPi single channel is not a bad start on air cooling I reckon, not bad at all! Says he’s close to getting 32M to pass also.

Nicely done Bullants, looking forward to seeing some ultra efficient SuperPi runs from you!


You can download beta bioses from Tweaktown support forum that stasio is looking after over here.

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