Monday, April 22, 2013

GIGABYTE OC Lab had its first visitors, world records broken!

You’ve heard about the grand opening of GIGABYTE’s new OC Lab but there was one key ingredient missing, extreme overclockers and thousands of litres of LN2. I’m pleased to say I’ve been present at GIGABYTE HQ in the past week to tick that box and give you a snippet of days of great fun, and to top it off, some excellent records achieved.

TeamAU (youngpro, sniperOz & dinos22) were among the overclockers to try the lab. Mad222 & KK from Hong Kong as well as a man machine from OcUK that goes by the name “8pack” gave the lab a go. Resident overclocker hicookie was on hand as well.


One does not simply enter a lab without LN2 hitting through the roof!


Can’t have a lab looking too clean without any high end gear laying about so we got to work pretty fast with the GIGABYTE X79-UD7 and 4WAY GTX Titans and also Z77X-UP7.


Stock GTX Titans received some mods in form of an unofficially named “G-Power” board by HWBOT last week which is essentially CPU power delivery system you see on GIGABYTE’s UP series motherboards with 60Amp MOSFETs and chokes. GTX Titan was definitely giving it a workout with a single card drawing up to 260Amps or in laymen’s terms it probably needed the same power as that DeLorean in Back To The Future to time travel hahah! Crazy stuff.

Youngpro and hicookie soldering liquorice looking cables to the power board below to hopefully provide stable enough power delivery and it sure did with two cards tested both clocking to 1800MHz and beyond.



CPUz 3770K frequency FIRST PLACE on Z77X-UP7 & 3770K @7186.54MHz

3DMARK Vantage FIRST PLACE 1xGPU, X79-UD7 & GTX Titan @66204points

3DMARK03 FIRST PLACE 1xGPU, Z77X-UP7 & GTX Titan @229511points

3DMARK11 SECOND PLACE 1xGPU, X79-UD7 & GTX Titan @21266points


Dinos22 kicked things off on Sunday with a new 3770K frequency world record with help of youngpro and his straw technique with a new 7186.54MHz. This score was achieved on all 4 cores with low volts with liquid nitrogen (-196C) only! It topped not one but two liquid helium (-269C) scores that were on top of the charts in the past! GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 was the board of choice for this chart topping score of course!

3770 record

SniperOz, 8pack and youngpro got to work on the X79-UD7 platform with some single card GTX Titan scores snatching single card world record in 3DMARK Vantage and second place in 3DMARK11.




8pack from OcUK and hicookie dropped the final score from the session with a 3DMARK03 world record on single GPU using GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 and modded GTX Titan



Guys hanging out with Neo (from The Overclocker magazine) celebrating his birthday and legendary klngpln. From left to right (kingpin, youngpro, 8pack, Neo, Mad222, SniperOz, dinos22)


The OC lab looks fantastic and will no doubt help improve GIGABYTE’s products a great deal with regular visits from world renowned overclockers giving their input on things to improve with current and future gen products. Videos coming up soon of some of the overclocking from past week, stay tuned…




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