Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mad222 from Hong Kong trying out the new OC CPUz with an impressive overclock!

Hong Kong’s best overclocker, Mad222, took out his Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 for some old school 3DMARK01 benchmarking. 3DMARK01 is one of those cult 3D benchmarks that requires excellent system tweaking skills, high CPU overclock, high GPU overclock, OS tweaking and time consuming custom run order and LOD (level of detail) levels that require a lot of effort to master. He used the new OC CPUz application to display his system information in the validation screenshot at HWBOT sporting an impressive overclock at 6775MHz with a core i7 3770K (stock frequency 3.5GHz!). He managed #6 fastest in the world and mentioned that he was being held back by his graphics card somewhat. Time to get a better card Mad and keep pushing.



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