Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sin0822 gets hands on with the GIGABYTE X79-UD7


Power user and expert motherboard reviewer Sin0822 has published an in-depth look at our new Sandy Bridge-E high-end overclocking board, the X79-UD7. As you’d expect from any article written by Sin, there’s lots of detail concerning the design of the board and the individual components we’ve used in the VRM. Well worth a read.

It’s also worth noting that Sin managed to crank his Intel 3960X up to a respectable 4.7GHz without breaking sweat. Check the image below:


But as well as serious overclocking, Sin0822 also took time to consider the overall appeal of the X79-UD7:

“This board is definitely a benching board, built for extreme overclocking, with a very nice feature set. Sure it might live on a test bench, but it can also live out its days inside a nice decked out case (an expensive ATX-XL case at that), and be a fully functioning member of the community. While it has that benching board feel of the X58A-OC it also feels like a 24/7 board like the Z68X-UD7. You might say its a mix of the two but with some extra spice thrown in. This really is how GIGABYTE's LGA1155 UD7 should have been, and I am just glad that GIGABYTE is eventually making the change. One thing that might throw a lot of new users off is the immense amount of PWM options in the BIOS, but there is hope as the 3D BIOS does offer much easier and managed control over the PWM settings. This board is how a proper high-end platform should be done, from its performance to its build, it really is one heck of a board. Its also really fun to work with as well.”

Read the article in full on the Xtremesystems forum here

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