Friday, November 25, 2011

GIGABYTE X79-UD7 wins beats the competition to claim ‘Editors Choice’ award at


Expert motherboard review Mr Ramirez over at has published his in-depth review of our latest Overclocking motherboard, the GIGABYTE X79-UD7 board, and it looks like there’s plenty to shout about. Picking up the ‘Editors Choice’ award, the X79-UD7 put on quite show in the benchmarking dept, where it pushed past against some pretty stiff competition:

“Let me start by saying that with the X79 boards that we’ve tested so far this board has given us the highest scores in most of our benchmarks. In some of our tests the difference was pretty apparent. In particular we got nearly a 300 point difference in 3D Mark 11 and an increase of .63 in Cinebench. This board has shown that it was made to be pushed and it’s no doubt that this is exactly what Gigabyte was going for.”

In conclusion Mr Ramirez gives the X79-UD7 his full endorsement, which I am happy to reproduce here:

“…what Gigabyte has done is given every feature you can think of to really put this board in the stratosphere. With the addition of the WiFi and Blue Tooth card alone this is an amazing board but with everything else Gigabyte has thrown into it this board is just head and shoulders above the others that we’ve tested so far. In my opinion this board is everything that the enthusiast market has been waiting for.

If you’ve been waiting to get in on the X79 this is the best choice that we’ve seen so far and you won’t be disappointed. With all of the incredible features and amazing performance this board is definitely an Editor’s Choice here at Motherboards.Org.”


Catch the full review here on and full details and specs of the X79-UD7 here on our site.

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