Thursday, March 10, 2011

HWBOT writes about X58A-OC and long term vision, a must read!

Massman from HWBOT.ORG gives his personal analysis about X58A-OC and what it means to the overclocking community.


I’ll provide a couple of excerpts but most definite CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE 


Before I get started with this editorial and presenting you my personal reasons for buying this mainboard, let me get one thing very clear: I am not getting paid to write this article. In fact, this editorial is nothing more than my personal view on the launch of this mainboard and how it could affect the manufacturer of this product or any other manufacturer of hypothetical future products. At the end of this article, I will also try to give a couple of arguments that should make clear the sole purpose of this text is to explain how I believe this board can change the overclocker’s future.
As always, feel free to comment on any of the paragraphs of this editorial if you think I’m wrong, right, incomplete or just mental. Okay, let’s get started.


Just for fun, open your instant messenger and ask any of your overclocking friends (or enemies) how they got into overclocking. Chances are high most of them will reply that they used to play games and wanted more gaming performance for the same amount of money. More bang for the buck, as trained hardware reviewers would say


The question was simple: how do we integrate features that overclockers want into our current product line-up? As the overclocking community is, historically speaking, a subgroup of the gaming industry, it seems like a very logical step to add the overclocking features to the product line-up designed for and targeted at the gaming community.

I wonder, though … are we, overclockers, really similar to hardcore (video-) gamers?

The answer to this question is, in my humble opinion, definitely no.


Much like the hardware enthusiasts, the people who are buying server hardware know exactly what they want; the gaming and normal consumers don’t.


That is exactly the reason why I’m going to buy this board, in retail, with my own money.

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  1. I agree I am no hardcore gamer, and other than reviews or the once in a while boredom struck day i never play games. I overclock because its fun, its fun to see what you can get out of your hardware and that is truly a passion that this board facilitates. Many still do overclock to gain a few FPS, and while they might make up a large portion of our community, minority still have needs to be met. Thank you Gigabyte for meeting our needs :)

    Nice write up massman :)


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