Thursday, March 3, 2011

5.96GHz Overclock with P67A-UD7 and 2600K lands on HWBOT

The only way i can describe what I’ve seen last night on HWBOT is an all out blitzkrieg on Sandy Bridge overclocking by a German OCer SuicidePhoenix, just wow. He posted a CPUz validation at 5961MHz using a GIGABYTE P67A-UD7 and 2600K CPU.

I found it particularly impressive that he did not hold back when it came to RAM either, running 1096MHz 7-7-7-21. It’s obviously telling how comfortable he is with such huge RAM clocks he is getting from GIGABYTE’s flagship board.



Oh but fun does not stop there! Have a look at his benchmark frequencies! 5941MHz CPU, 1112MHz RAM at 7-7-6-20-1T Surprised smile taking the new 2600K record and placing 3rd globally against Gulftown CPUs running close to 7GHz. New platform from Intel is astonishingly efficient!


Jan set the bar really high in 1M SuperPi as well now with the new category world record at 6.219s running 5.94GHz with ram at 1093MHz 7-7-6-20-1T. I am telling you this is nothing short of blitzkrieg hehe.


It’s very nice to see such a monster CPU landing in the hands of a competent overclocker. He has the speed and knows how to use it. I cant wait to see what else he’s about to attack (Poland maybe? heheh juuuuust kidding).

Congratulations Jan, well done!


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