Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The OverClocker Magazine is back, UD9 triumphs over R3E in a close battle!

The OverClocker Magazine is back. Nick Ross who used to run the publication has moved on to run one of Australia’s busiest web tech sites run by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Neo Sibeko, from South Africa, took over the reigns  from Nick and promised in his editorial letter to run the mag in timely bimonthly issues. Great news indeed!

GIGABYTE X58A-UD9 was reviewed in this issue against Rampage 3 Extreme. UD9, having picked up the Recommended Award, showed its true colours under extreme cooling as expected. Here is a quote i think summerises it best:

We are simply looking at it from an extreme overclocking point of view at which board will offer us the best functionality and options for achieving the highest and most efficient overclocks. Simply put, the UD9 is the board to beat. It has the right layout, the ability to run 4 graphics cards at maximum speed and it’s faster in SuperPI.

Under extreme cooling we find the UD9 feels a lot more stable and responsive, it has the most predictable behaviour, doing exactly what you need it too and is just a dream to use.



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