Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aussies do it again, PCMARK Vantage world record smashed using the X58A-UD7rev2.0 this time round!

A few weeks ago TeamAU boys, youngpro & dinos22, took out the PCMV World Record but had to contend with a strong backup from a US overclocker. Well the stars aligned again and the guys braved it out live video steaming their attempt.

After a first safe run at 5.7Ghz the record tumbled by a cool 1500 points and extended again to 42,566. Following that run it got a bit wild on the livesteam with Andy from showing up with a case of beer. All sorts of tweaks were employed including a sun tweak, beer cooled NB tweak, printer tweak just to name a few which were all all busted as myths in the end heheh.

For more live overclocking you can bookmark their page and watch out for twitter and facebook updates. Here are the sites, livesteam channel, twitter and facebook.

imageimage image

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