Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 4 Winner of a GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 Motherboard


The Search for GIGABYTE’s #1 Biggest Fan is in full swing. This week’s winner of a GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 motherboard is Cin Ionel from Romania. Congrats Cin!

The question was, “GIGABYTE has packed a lot of technology into a small package with the H55N-USB3 mini-ITX motherboard including USB 3.0, On/Off Charge, Ultra Durable 3, etc. If you win this week's contest, what sort of system would you build, and what technologies will you most put to use and for what?”

Thanks everyone for all your great uses for the H55N-USB3! This week was really hard to pick one winner since there were so many great ideas. Some of our top picks were the ones building a HTPC for their parents, entertainment servers, LAN party gaming rigs, and the list goes on.

But, since we can only pick one winner a week, we chose Cin Ionel from Romania who asked GIGABYTE to help him "pimp his ride" with a mini-ITX VW Polo CarPC:

GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 would be ideal for my VW Polo CarPC.

An i3 530 CPU, 2*1gb DDR3 1333, 8" touchscreen monitor and Windows 7 32bit will complete the best setup anyone can get in his car.

A very nice feature for me is On/Off Charge Support because I own an Ipod so I can charge my Ipod faster when i will go tripping.
USB 3.0 support is an awesome feature because I will need the speed for my external SSD(faster transfer of music and movies from my Desktop to CarPC external SSD)
The implementation of Smart QuickBoot and AutoGreen- Greening via Bluetooth cellphone is awesome because i won't have to wait minutes for windows to boot, so I can listen to my favorite music in just seconds after power on, and if by accident i leave the CarPC On, I cand turn it off via Bluetooth.

Gigabyte... will you PIMP MY RIDE? :)

Yes, Cin, we will Pimp it!

If you're feeling blue from not winning this week's H55N-USB3,don't worry. We still have a lot of boards to give away including another H55N-USB3 board, as well as the grand prize trip to Taiwan for GO OC 2010. So, keep coming back each week for the win! Visit facebook.com/GIGABYTEmotherboards to enter!

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