Thursday, June 24, 2010

How a motherboard is made – Futurelooks visits the GIGABYTE factory in Nanping

Futurelooks Factory Tour visited the GIGABYTE Nanping factory during Computex 2010 – a rare opportunity to take some footage inside a top class manufacturing facility.

Most motherboard makers don’t allow cameras in their manufacturing facilities and I’ve even heard of some that will take you all the way to the factory, but then only allow you to see a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of their manufacturing process in a conference room. At GIGABYTE, we take pride in the quality of our motherboards, so we allow visitors to take video and pictures of the whole production process in order to highlight the continual quality inspection and testing that every single motherboard enjoys. Yes, you didn’t misread that: 100% of GIGABYTE motherboards are quality tested during the manufacturing process! 

This video shows the entire process from PCB preparation through to putting the 3 year warranty sticker on the retail box. The screenshot taken above is of the SMT line that attached hundreds of components in only a few seconds. Check it our for yourself in the video.

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