Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remembering Memory

It seems that the memory market suffers a period of boredom every time there is a transition to a new memory spec because the real advantages of the new specification are not as apparent during the initial few months as they are when it reaches maturity. The move to DDR3 has been no different and I still catch myself yawning as the words "DDR3 is better than DDR2 because is is lower power and more scaleable bla bla bla..." travel the well known path out of my mouth and on to the aching ears of the media/customers who regret asking why we highlight DDR3 on our motherboards. Thankfully those days are over:

We received these little beauties just yesterday and already they have created quite a stir. I'd say that DDR3 has arrived! Prepare to be unbored!

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