Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OCZ USB 3.0 SSD Passes GIGABYTE Compatibility Testing

OCZ sent us a prototype of their new USB 3.0 SSD for testing and it just passed with flying colours. You can check it out on our USB 3.0 microsite: www.usb3motherboard.com. This speedy drive sports a slim design for easy portability but I can't help wondering if it wouldn't be a good replacement for a standard hard drive seeing as you should be able to boot from USB with it - take into consideration the disappointing initial SATA 3 performance results that we've seen from the media over the past few weeks.

OCZ will show this device at CES, so drop by their demo for a closer look. Alternatively, you could also see the device at the GIGABYTE meeting rooms in the Venetian hotel or the GIGABYTE party at the Palms. Leave a comment below if you want more details of these events.

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