Monday, September 19, 2016

Rivet Networks releases new Killer E2500

Select GIGABYTE motherboards will soon have the Killer E2500. The unedited press release is below:

Austin, TX - (September 15, 2016) - Rivet Networks, makers of the award winning line of high-performance Killer™ networking products for desktop and notebook PCs, is excited to announce the availability of their new Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which can be found on gaming motherboards from industry leaders MSI and GIGABYTE.
The Killer E2500 delivers powerful networking technology to gamers and performance users, including significant new enhancements to its Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology and the all new Killer Control Center. In addition to detecting and optimally prioritizing your games, video, and voice applications with Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology, the Killer E2500 also detects and manages 500+ of the top global websites. Combined with the all-new Killer Control Center, the E2500 gives users full control of all aspects of their system’s networking performance. Killer Control Center has been built from the ground up to smartly display networking information and allow users to control:
  • The priority of each application and popular website
  • The bandwidth used by each application and popular website
  • The Killer interface that each application is going over 
  • The total bandwidth being used by system. 
The Killer Control Center is automatically set up to give the user an incredible out of box experience, but users can easily adjust each setting to create the perfect customized experience.
The E2500 delivers the fastest real-time experience for gamers and performance users. The Killer E2500’s Lag and Latency Reduction Technology accelerates your most important network traffic, such as your game data, and makes sure that your most critical packets never wait behind less important traffic. The E2500 improves latency, reduces jitter, and virtually eliminates video freezes by prioritizing your critical network traffic so that you will enjoy your gaming, web surfing, and streaming video experiences more than ever before.
In combination with a Killer Wireless-AC adapter, the E2500 provides unprecedented network speed and intelligence via Killer DoubleShot™ Pro, which allows both Killer network controllers to work together simultaneously. This ensures the highest priority traffic will always be put on the fastest and most reliable link while standard traffic is sent over the other.
“GIGABYTE is excited to partner with Rivet Networks on the implementation of the Killer E2500. With this new high-performance Ethernet controller, gamers will have even more control of their network bandwidth when using a GIGABYTE Motherboard,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “This feature gives gamers who use GIGABYTE Motherboards considerable advantages in online gaming that other gamers do not have.”
“Thanks to our long partnership and great dedication to delivering the best online gaming experience, we are proud to join forces with Rivet Networks to be the first to implement their latest game networking solution on MSI GAMING products. The Z170A GAMING M6 motherboard and Aegis Ti truly benefit from the new Killer E2500 game networking controller and are able to give gamers the competitive edge they are looking for. Combining MSI’s technical ingenuity to deliver the best gaming features with Killer’s unique solution, allows us to present gamers around the world the best experience when it comes to speed, sound and stability,” said Ted Hung – MSI Motherboard, Desktops Sales & Marketing Director.
“The Killer E2500 is packed with new cutting edge technology to give users the fastest and most enjoyable online experience,” said Michael Cubbage, CEO at Rivet Networks. “MSI and GIGABYTE demand the very best in network performance and the E2500 delivers.”  
The E2500 chipset will be first found on select Motherboards MSI and GIGABYTE. The E2500 will be widely available by the end of 2016. For more information about the E2500, please .
If you would like to arrange an interview, or an online demo, or have questions for the Rivet Networks leadership team, email us at .
About Rivet Networks
Rivet Networks is a technology and products company that has focused on creating the best possible networking experience. Rivet offers a mix of hardware, software, and cloud-based technologies to deliver solutions that are both powerful and intuitive. Through their Killer™ line of networking products, Rivet Networks offers unprecedented speed, intelligence, and control for gamers and performance users alike. For more information about their Killer brand of technologies, please visit . 


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