Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Here's a Guide to GIGABYTE's 3D OSD

Any PC enthusiast knows that information is critically important. Not knowing how your PC is performing is like being blind: without knowing the game's FPS, CPU speed, temperature, RAM speed, etc you don't know if your components are performing at their best.

Thankfully GIGABYTE has a solution: 3D OSD.

3D OSD allows the user to see key information about their system. This information is overlaid on their screen, above whatever program is running in the background. For instance, the user can see if their CPU and GPU temperature spikes when running a demanding game -- a sign that the coolers inside the system aren't working properly.

If you'd like a hands-on look at how 3D OSD works, check out the video below:


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  4. What can i do on 3D osd Gigabyte ? it seem not working on my win 10 x64, just giving small message like "run has stopped to work". I got a gigabyte z170 DDR3.

  5. Running Win10 on new build Z170MX. Have App Ctŕ running. Have downloaded 3D OSD - but does not show up in App Ctr or anywhere - what am I missing?

  6. Same here! I have a b150 MoBo and don't seem to work here.

  7. This is a pretty helpful information. If you could just answer a question I would be thankful. 3d OSD works good windows 10 64 for the boot drive. I have a storage drive with nothing but games and it seems to not work for them. Most gamers have big drives for their games. Is their a work around? Maybe reinstalling games might help?

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