Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here's Why GIGABYTE's 100 Series Motherboard is a KILLER

On some motherboards the network controller is a part often looked over. Most network controllers are good enough, and don't get the attention that other parts do.

But here at GIGABYTE we took a different approach to the network interface controller with our 100 series boards, which is why we partnered with Rivet, makers of the Killer™ line of network controllers, to integrate its advanced traffic management solutions into our boards.

The first layer of intelligent traffic management comes from the Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 function found in the Killer™ E2400 Network Interface Controller. Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 separates traffic into six levels based so that the user has a seamless, lag-free experience while each level gets the bandwidth it needs. For example, a multiplayer game may not need a lot of bandwidth but it's latency sensitive so its traffic needs to be prioritized. On the other hand, a Bit torrent download requires a lot of bandwidth but its packets can wait so its packets are dropped in priority.

The next level of traffic management comes from the DoubleShot-X3™ app. This app works to improve your network connectivity by intelligently prioritizing traffic over the available connections. Wired connections tend to have less lag than wireless given the nature of the medium. As the graphic shows below, traffic levels that are sensitive to latency (such as games) will be routed via the two Killer E2400 Ethernet connections while traffic that's not latency sensitive will be routed via the Killer Wireless E1535 Adapter.

Why is this important?

Everyone is a multi tasker. While you play a multiplayer game such as World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto 5 you're probably running some other kind of download in the background. Without some kind of way to intelligently prioritize the traffic, the latency dependent multiplayer game has to compete with what's being downloaded. This means that your gameplay lag will spike, potentially making the game unplayable.

With the DoubleShot-X3 and Killer E2400, traffic is routed intelligently resulting in up to 10x improvements in latency when multitasking and 75% improvements in single application use. In addition, DoubleShot-X3 combines the speed of two wired Killer Gigabit Ethernet controllers with the flexibility of Killer Wireless to provide max throughput as high as 2.867Gbps.

This is just one of the exciting new features GIGABYTE's 100 series motherboards have. Be sure to check out some of the other posts on our blog to find out more on why GIGABYTE motherboards lead the industry.

The new E2400 NIC from Killer is featuring on the GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming G1 and Z170X-Gaming 7 motherboards from the newly launched GIGABYTE 100 Series motherboards.


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