Friday, November 21, 2014

3D printing, interesting technology for those with some DIY inclination

TweakTown put up an interesting 3D printer review and it really captured my imagination. I must say, this is an area of computing I have been keenly following as I can see some great possibilities to give my kids an interesting project here or there as well as to occupy my DIY time with some crafty DIY jobs. Home PC is becoming a bit of a DIY machine as we start to enter the digital design age and start printing our 3D jobs/projects.

One thing that has always held me back was the fact they all need setting up and calibration, basically too much fiddling to make them work right. Let’s not forget they were always north of $1000 and that seemed a bit expensive. It seems this Da Vinci unit might be finally hitting all the right notes. I would probably still wait but it’s starting to get there. Have a read of this review guys, it’s interesting!



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