Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lab501 reflects on overclocking at Computex 2014, good read!

Intel-021A mate of mine from Romania, Monstru, runs a famous tech website called Lab501 and loves his oveclocking. He’s paid Taipei a visit this year during Computex 2014 and felt compelled to write about all the overclocking events during and after the show. He noticed a lot of changes with this special hobby in the last 5 years. Monstru is no stranger to overclocking, nor is his team mate Matose who was the GOOC 2010 world wide champion. These guys are my old school OC mates and did a stellar job covering all the craziness. Monstru also speculated what we might see in the future, more professional OC scene, bigger and better things to come. Jump over to Lab501 to read more about it. We overclock and drink beer (&arm wrestle too!)


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