Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hardware Asylum podcast is out, sandbagging and consoles are on the menu!

Hey guys, Hardware Asylum have come out with anther interesting podcast today. They are talking about the world of overclocking and a strategy coined “sandbagging” which gained some prominence during the last HWBOT Country Cup (aka. World Cup of Overclocking) in which a lot of teams waited to post some of the final scores on the last day. Some didn’t like this and other had no issues with it. For those who are still scratching your head what sandbagging actually is, tune into the podcast where they compare it to Ebay, Poker and a couple of other things you may be able to relate to better! It’s an interesting discussion and while I don’t particularly agree with some of the ideas on current topics, I always like to have a listen to Dennis’ and Darren’s podcasts.

Click on the link here or here to have a listen.


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