Thursday, February 13, 2014

3DMARK03 global world record broken by TeamAU

Clipboard01I figured it was time to dust off the Gigabyte 7970SOC GPUs and Gigabyte Z87X-OC for some 3DMARK03 action today.

1800228_638011166236828_1765166888_nIt probably wasn’t the smartest idea as it’s been getting pretty humid in Sydney and that means condensation all over the motherboard and VGAs pretty quickly but I used lots of fans LOL (and started browsing local sales site Gumtree for dehumidifiers while I was overclocking heheh).


Onto the fun part! I recently sourced an upgraded watercooling setup based on some sweet EK waterblocks and a quad waterclock bridge you see on top of the 1662057_634735659897712_751532422_nGPUs which connects all 4 GPU blocks very neatly.

On top of that, all I had to do is buy some new tubing (of course it had to be orange, OC colours FTW!), some Koolance QDC quick fittings and Bob was my uncle. Very flexible setup and now I can literally pull all 4 GPUs out in 10 seconds and check them or clean, dry, troubleshoot, etc etc. I must say that I would make sure to pay attention to the way you mount your GPUs as it is a little different to what I was used, so if you are upgrading from older style blocks make sure you double check your mounting. 1794804_638015889569689_414642681_nThe older Swiftech, Dtek blocks I used to use had a different mounting mechanism with a GPU backplate which this one is simply mounting screws direct into the waterclock like a normal air cooler style mount. The older gear has no flexibility or performance that these have so it was a timely upgrade that is for sure!

Definitely go check out EK WBs!

Alright so the new 3DMARK03 global world record is at 293,827 points.

You can swing to HWBOT for result details and full spec.




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  1. I got same CPU 4770K with Asus Z87-A . I can't reach more than PC 43x100.2 MHZ I use Liquid Corsair H100i Hydro kit . I wonder what's doesn't allow me to push it more than 16% OC. Gratz guys you have a nice 64x100.0 setup :)!


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