Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TeamAU takes out global 3DMARK06 world record @ ReSpawn LAN

TeamAU guys visited ReSpawn LAN over the weekend to put on a demonstration of GIGABYTE and Intel X79 + Ivy Bridge E (4960X) and also the ever so popular Z87X-OC + 4770K. They showed off the multithreading power of new Intel Ivy Bridge E CPUs and on second day decided to do some world record benching attempts and it proved successful.

Dinos22, Youngpro and SniperOz from the team in attendance over the weekend put together a couple of impressive scores. One was #5 3DMARK01 and second was #1 3DMARK06. For more info on the team and photo gallery visit the team’s facebook page.







Photos thanks to TeamAU and ReSpawn LAN.

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