Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liquid nitrogen RAM coolers released by a couple of big evaporator makers!

I came across a PR release from EK releasing their first LN2 cooler. This one is based on RAM and by the looks of it has had some testing done on our new generation OC motherboard. It’s nice to see people passionate about their RAM clocking! We’re working hard at the moment on numerous ICs to see how they fair subzero with an upcoming new generation boards.


An alternative to this is the well established Kingpin cooler which we’ve successfully used in GIGABYTE’s labs to do a lot of our testing. It’s a great LN2 RAM cooler!  IMG_1363


  1. who can tell what are those buttons for?

    1. those buttons are what is known as "OC Touch" and are use to adjust multipliers etc. It was first used on the X58A-OC.

      they can make magic if used right...:D

  2. Well, that is one impressive piece of hardware. Stay frosty, Gigabyte board ;).

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