Monday, March 25, 2013

Tweaktown breaks out liquid nitrogen and breaks records!

Dean Smith over at TweakTown posted about one of his adventures with boys. Liquid nitrogen, awesome hardware, including Gigabyte Z77X-UP7, made up the hardware roll-call. Records fell as a result. For full story visit Tweaktown website.




  1. Kingpin's a mate of Dean's and TeamAU's. There is absolutely no anymousity between us and all you will find it true friendship and no more :). Kingpin ftw :)

  2. i would like to see people do high overclocks but actuly make them stay in a case like make a custom heatsink insted of liquid nitrogen what you cant put in a case and practicly use but overal good job eh

    1. Extreme overclocking is like drag racing or Formula1. It's not meant to be practical. It's meant to be extreme. :) You are thinking of watercooling or phase change setups. Lots of places do that and back in the day when i started overclocking people used to think watercooling was some crazy exotic thing that only super geeks are into. Now tonnes of people have WC rigs :)

  3. well done Deanzo! Congratulations

    now to see what backup vince has..

    Also I am a nutter going from air straight to LN2..right?:p

    also +1 to dinos explanation,that is exactly xtreme OC


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