Sunday, May 23, 2010

First retail X58A-UD9 shows up on Australian forum. First OC result is pretty impressive too!

rbdirty is the first forum user to report about his purchase of the new X58A-UD9 board. He was so eager to try it out that he managed to quickly get some dry ice, a Xeon W3520 CPU and managed to do some quick 32M Superpi runs with 245MHz bclock.

That's a pretty impressive start from this up and coming forum member who has only recently started getting a feel for subzero cooling. His kingpin F1 pot looks brand new still heh. He is incidentally one second off the current category world record for that particular CPU which is pretty impressive as he hasnt started tweaking yet.

Keep up the good work rbdirty and for anyone who wants to check out how he is going jump to OCAU thread for more

System image courtesy of rbdirty from OCAU :)

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