Friday, February 5, 2010

TweakTown Compares GIGABYTE SATA 3 with RAID 0 to …….

“GIGABYTE SATA 6G Update - RAID 0 Just How We Like It”


One of the big advantages for GIGABYTE’s SATA 3 implementation is the support for RAID 0. Chris Ramseyer from TweakTown wanted to see how big of a difference in performance it actually makes, so he compared a GIGABYTE P55A-UD4P with RAID 0 versus a ………. which doesn’t support. His findings are pretty conclusive.

Read the full TweakTown article HERE

Some highlights:

“ASUS made a bit of a fuss over the way GIGABYTE implemented the Marvell SATA 6G and NEC USB 3.0 to motherboards. The whole pitch ended up backfiring on ASUS when it came to light that ASUS used an almost identical solution on one of their own motherboards. ASUS ended up with another egg sitting squarely on their face when we were able to actually get a closer look at the two companies P55 solutions with SATA 6G. GIGABYTE included RAID and ASUS just used two standard ports.”

“There was a lot of hype surrounding out first article that put the ASUS and GIGABYTE SATA 6G boards to the test. ASUS made quite a bit of fuss over their SATA 6G being superior, but when it came down to it they chose the safe route and GIGABYTE took it upon themselves to be innovative with what tools they were allowed to use. Right from the start we liked the fact that GIGABYTE chooses to implement RAID on their boards and it really set them apart of the run of the mill standard solution used by ASUS.”

“desktop enthusiast users will be looking to purchase two smaller C300s and run them in RAID 0 on the only boards that provide onboard RAID 0, the GIGABYTE “A” class motherboards.”

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